About Kelsey


I’m Kelsey Hency – My husband Mat calls me Kels, every now and again my mom calls me Kelsey Dell, and my daughter Faye calls me Mamma.

Mat and I have been married for seven years. We have the same birthday and the same affinity for NBA basketball. Faye is our three-year-old embodiment of chaos and laughter. She stops moving approximately never–at least 70% of the pictures I take are of her back. Faye’s life is always about the next thing. Her social needs are higher than mine, she waves and chats at almost everyone we pass, and she gives kisses liberally. At times, she dances on tables, but I promise we will teach her by the age of four that classy girls don’t do that type of thing.

In February of 2016, we adopted our second daughter, Elliott Clare, at two days old. After 18 months of actively pursuing adoption, we had 24-hours from phone call to hospital. She is pretty much all things baby right now and that makes her Faye’s very favorite thing in the house. The smiles and coos—and sometimes the crys—add another layer of fun (or chaos) to our family. We sure do love having her.

I recently completed my Masters in Christian Education at Dallas Theological Seminary. That doesn’t mean that I am going to work at a school or run a children’s ministry. What does it mean? I don’t know yet. For now it means I write about Jesus and the Bible but I will keep you posted on any changes.

I happen to have strong affections for the places we have called home–Arkansas, Texas, and London. So watch out for sentences that contain the words “cheeky” and “y’all”.

Lots of things make the “publish” button cut around here. That means I will post about Mat, Faye and my life events. You are likely to see a thing or two on travel and general Hency happenings. It means sometimes I am going to go on and on about a specific piece of scripture. It means other times I am going to talk about adoption and time waiting to match with a birthmother. But I need you to promise not to be confused when my whims take me to culture and clothes and fashion and design, ok?

Hopefully, I want to talk more about Jesus than I do about me.It’s that kind of a blog and I really like keeping it.

Feel free to contact me about the things you read here at Kelsey@atasteofsalt.com