Sundown on Mullen’s Beach

It’s hard to classify things as “favorites” when you are talking about being on an island in the Caribbean. But walking the beach just before sunset every night was right up there with roadside food venders selling grilled Mahi Mahi, BBQ pick tails and macaroni pie out of the back of their van on our […]

Bruschetta: Our Simple Summer Staple

Just tomatoes, basil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt. Thats it. That’s it but people seem to keep asking, “What is in this??”   Basically fresh air, slowness, ease, color and  joy. That’s what’s in it.  That’s why people love it and that’s why I love it. Simplicity is one of those things we take […]

July on the Run

The best word I can come up with to capture how I feel about the last four weeks is grateful. We are the luckiest son-of-a-gun’s out there to have had a month between leaving London and arriving in Dallas. The original plan was to use that crazy awesome break to travel around Europe. Glamourous right? I […]


Here’s to Planning

I don’t plan dinner before noon. Yes, noon of the same day I will make dinner. Actually noon would be categorized as “advanced planning.” I am killer at pinterest searching from the entry way of Whole Foods, actually. “What are we having now” is my approach to pretty much every meal. But things are going […]