Reading on the Bed

Summer Reading Recap

For the past five years I chose to willingly submit my reading preferences to two opposite yet equally demanding groups: seminary professors and my daughter. I recently recognized the fullness of my submission to said parties while scanning an article in which a book I had read as a source for a paper for class was deemed, “the most […]

Hyde Park 23

Plus One More

Remember when high school graduation was waiting for you in the near future? You knew you were going to go to college but you didn’t know where you were going to go. You had applied to a school or maybe seven but there was a moment when you could say “Yes, I am going to […]

living with your souviners_Header-01

Living with Your Souvies

Hey folks, I am up on Hello Luvvy today. When I read all these home decor magazines and see people answering questions about how their home is full of textiles and trinkets they found (seemingly effortlessly) while traveling the globe. We aren’t those people. Out of 16 trips we have four souvies in our house […]