London Calling

  Royalty, a large clock, classic accents, cool taxis and the Hency’s – all things you will be able to find in London beginning the Saturday after Thanksgiving. If having a baby wasn’t enough of a life change God threw in an extra switch-it-change-it, the Hency’s are moving to London. The move is not permanent, […]


A Tiny Life Changing Addition

About four months ago I decided to get serious about writing on this blog. Serious being defined as consistent postings on life, God, culture, etc. I was “serious” about it for about two weeks. I am not one for excuses but I have an explanation. See, two weeks into serious I found out Mat and […]


Weekly Reading

Hey Folks! Most of the blogs you read probably do some sort of a weekly round up. I am doing the same. There are some top notch writers out there putting out interesting articles that make us smarter. I am going to gather a few for you here on Fridays. I might not agree with […]


Privileges of Today

“I have learned to enjoy the things that I can do here that I won’t be doing in heaven.” It’s not an exact quote, but it’s close and it’s what I have been thinking about today. Today I don’t feel very good. I just feel tired and a little run down. Seems the rain brought […]