Now We Say “She” and “Her”

The wait is over. The mystery is solved. We know the gender of the little bit! It’s a girl! A lady baby. A her human. A wee little she. To find out we had a combo going away and gender reveal party with our friends and family. There was the option to wear a bow […]


Stiches. I’ve never had any. Emergency room visit. I’ve never made one. Broken bones? no. Crazy sickness? nope. I basically don’t live my life in risky enough ways to result in any sort of hospitalization and God has been gracious in keeping me from getting sick enough to need to visit anyone more specialized than […]


Things are Getting Real

Moving to London didn’t feel real at first. We didn’t know exactly when we were moving. We weren’t sure what it was going to look like to find a place to live. It seemed far away. Well, it’s gotten real folks. We leave the Saturday after Thanksgiving and that is not far away….at all. We […]