Church Universal

I know in my head that the Church is universal. It’s a fact and I know it to be true. But feeling that and feeling apart of it can be elusive. Some are blessed with eyes and hearts that easily see and feel the universality of the Church. People whose heartbeat is global missions and […]


What To Read This Weekend

Christmas has probably made you really busy. Like running around all over the place trying to make the holidays special for your family and friends and trying to give parts of yourself, your finances and your talents to help others this holiday season not mention the whole part of Christmas that is about Jesus and […]


We Made It Folks

Today is our fifth day in London. We arrived Sunday morning and made it to the apartment we are in for the next month while we try to sort out more permanent housing for our stay here. Sunday was pretty interesting. The plane ride was uneventful except for the time my unruly elbow managed to […]


Advent Season

Last year I made an Advent Calendar and wrote blog posts to accompany some of the many days of Advent. I printed and gave out this calendar to lots of close friends and family and some have asked for a printable version so I decided that wasn’t a bad idea at all and am posting […]