Where We Live – Flat 3

So many friends and family have asked to see where we are living here in London. Today that request is being fulfilled. Below is a video tour of our flat – it’s nothing too spectacular but we sure like it. It’s nice to be in the spot where we are going to settle in for […]


Clock Work

Time is a funny thing. We move it around, we schedule it, we want more of it, we want less of it, we want it to speed up and we want it to slow down. We certainly all count it. At the new year we celebrate that another segment of time has passed and hope […]


Christmas in Vienna

  My husband knows I love Christmas. He knows that I love the lights and the bobbles and the trees and the carols. Thanks to a recommendation from a friend at work he also knew that Vienna loves Christmas more than I do. He found that if there was anywhere we could go to get […]