A Worldly Reminder

Everyone has an opinion about Valentines Day. Few people are neutral on the whole event and everyone seems to wear their resentment or indulgence on their pink or black sleeve. So I’ll get it out there now. My name is Kelsey Hency and I love Valentines Day. I do. Since the days of decorating a […]

Icon_Pretty Things

Valentines Pretties

8 days. That’s how long this cold has taken over my mind. Sickness seems to stop my brain from working all together. Just thinking about thinking about what to put on the blog has been enough to make me head for the nearest pillow in search of  a nap. Today the cloud seems to have […]


Pick Six – January

Part of Living in London means finding the awesome. Each month I want to give you our top six favorites from the month. Maybe they will convince you to come visit us. It’s a pick six list because five seems so typical and ten makes it look like we spend all of our time trying […]