The Big Picture

When I decided to go to seminary I was excited and a little worried. Academia has always been a place of torn feelings and mixed behaviors for me. I don’t like study for studies sake. If I feel like an exercise of some sort is pointless I put very little effort towards it – like […]


Travel – Babymoon over Morocco

“Somewhere warmer and sunnier than London.” That was my response to Mats inquiry about where I wanted to spend our February travel days. We have been here since December 1st and have seen way to little of the sun and are probably both vitamin D deficient. And I was cold (still am, it’s snowing as […]


February Pick Six

February did not feel like the short month it always is. Actually, it seemed that February ran from it’s own ending. It was probably a longer one at the Hency Flat for two reasons. First, the weather here was pretty miserable – cold, grey, rainy/snowy, and a few windy days to boot. That doesn’t make […]