Just Three

I’ve been hoarding. Digital hoarding. I’ve been digitally hoarding good articles that I’ve been reading recently. The little bit takes a bottle and I read articles posted by folks I like on twitter. It’s mutually beneficial time. When I read something that was worth the precious three minutes I had I send that treat to […]



I have learned that there is a big difference between a “WHAAAAAA”cry and a “AAHHHHHH” scream. The former indicates actual need – hunger, wetness, sleep. The later indicates that my baby is cranky. The former comes with a red squished face and closed eyes that leak real tears. The later comes with a red face […]


The Best Way

There are a lot of things I look at and think, “There’s a better way to do that.” Dear Texas DMV – I get my Drivers License on the spot in Arkansas. Washer/Dryer combo machine – combining was a bad idea separateness increases efficiency. Brad Paisley & LL Cool J – surely someone told you […]