Elliott Makes Four

I was brushing my teeth when Faye came into our bathroom sporting a stern look on her face, hands out wide she scolded me, “Mama your phone ringing. You need to answer your phone.” I smiled at her sweet reprimand assuming that it was actually Mat’s phone that was ringing. No one calls me at […]

Timeout photo

Time Out From Faye

Eyes streaked with tears and hands planted just a touch too high to be on her hips, Faye set her eyes squarely on mine and pointed to the floor. “You need to go to time out, Mama. Sit right there in your shirt.” Yesterday afternoon I pushed Faye too far. The result? I was to […]

Hyde Park 23

Plus One More

Remember when high school graduation was waiting for you in the near future? You knew you were going to go to college but you didn’t know where you were going to go. You had applied to a school or maybe seven but there was a moment when you could say “Yes, I am going to […]