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Last November I almost lost my mind trying to find a doable advent plan for Faye. The crazy came mostly from my own head. It went something like this: “You need to teach your one-and-a-half-year-old everything possible to know about the Christmas story. Order all the books! Read all the blogs! Quick, craft something out […]

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Your Holiday Home: Christmas Music

Nonstop. Thats how I like my Christmas music. From Thanksgiving Day¬†until the New Year I would prefer for Christmas Music to play every waking moment. The sing along classics on repeat with a group of rowdier friends (unless they request Justin Timberlake 20/20 experience which is what happened at my house last night and you […]


Your Holiday Home: Advent

It should be easy to talk about Jesus in December. Right? It’s the time we remember that God is faithful. He promised one would come to reconcile God and man. Then he sent him. Introducing Jesus Christ, Savior for the world. We celebrate the hugeness of that on Christmas. So it’s easy, Right? Well, sort […]

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Tuesday is for Travel: A Gift Guide

So it’s Tuesday again and this week I’ve got something I am really excited about. Christmas is basically tomorrow, or at least it feels like it. London doesn’t exactly recognize Thanksgiving as a “holiday” so Christmas is in full throttle. No speed bump of turkey and dressing in London Town. So in the spirit of […]