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Simply Advent

Last November I almost lost my mind trying to find a doable advent plan for Faye. The crazy came mostly from my own head. It went something like this: “You need to teach your one-and-a-half-year-old everything possible to know about the Christmas story. Order all the books! Read all the blogs! Quick, craft something out […]

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Hope is a Dress and Ankle Boots

I am wearing boots today. Brown leather ankle ones with a cognac colored strap that loops around the top of the boot thrice. By anyone’s estimation this boot was meant for fall, possibly winter. I wear them even though the professionals at The Weather Channel believe this day will approach 96 degrees. But it’s October, folks. So […]

Reading on the Bed

Summer Reading Recap

For the past five years I chose to willingly submit my reading preferences to two opposite yet equally demanding groups: seminary professors and my daughter. I recently recognized the fullness of my submission to said parties while scanning an article in which a book I had read as a source for a paper for class was deemed, “the most […]

Persecution and the Church

“There has been so much of this I feel like I can’t even keep up” That’s what my husband said a few weeks ago when I read him the headlines from Nigeria. Around the time of the Nigerian shootings I tweeted this article by Kristin Powers about the global slaughter of Christians. She argues that the church is silent about […]