Reading on the Bed

Summer Reading Recap

For the past five years I chose to willingly submit my reading preferences to two opposite yet equally demanding groups: seminary professors and my daughter. I recently recognized the fullness of my submission to said parties while scanning an article in which a book I had read as a source for a paper for class was deemed, “the most […]


Just Three

I’ve been hoarding. Digital hoarding. I’ve been digitally hoarding good articles that I’ve been reading recently. The little bit takes a bottle and I read articles posted by folks I like on twitter. It’s mutually beneficial time. When I read something that was worth the precious three minutes I had I send that treat to […]


A Worldly Reminder

Everyone has an opinion about Valentines Day. Few people are neutral on the whole event and everyone seems to wear their resentment or indulgence on their pink or black sleeve. So I’ll get it out there now. My name is Kelsey Hency and I love Valentines Day. I do. Since the days of decorating a […]