Elliott Makes Four

I was brushing my teeth when Faye came into our bathroom sporting a stern look on her face, hands out wide she scolded me, “Mama your phone ringing. You need to answer your phone.” I smiled at her sweet reprimand assuming that it was actually Mat’s phone that was ringing. No one calls me at […]

The Value of Question Marks

The word “what” marks months 14-31 of Faye’s life. On any day among those months, I practice explanations for items like cardboard, tattoos, and fingernails. She asked me what my nail polish was called the other day and I had to pause. “Topless and Barefoot” seemed a difficult thing to explain to a toddler. But […]

Heavy Advent New Year_Header

Out of a Heavy Advent into A New Year

I was doing some casual perusingĀ of the internet at the end of the holiday season when a blog post taunted me. The title, borrowed from the Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane hit “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” didn’t only fail to resonate with me, it sent my shoulders into a posture of defiance. There […]

Why We Advent_Photo

Why We Advent

At my childhood church, the Christmas Eve service always started (and probably still starts) the same way. The Worship Pastor comes to the front of the stage wearing a festive sweater and triumphantly proclaims, “IT’S CHRISTMAAAAAAAAS!!!” Ninety percent of those in attendance know this joyous rallying cry is forth-coming. And yet, as the pastor descends […]