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Remember when high school graduation was waiting for you in the near future? You knew you were going to go to college but you didn’t know where you were going to go. You had applied to a school or maybe seven but there was a moment when you could say “Yes, I am going to college” and “No, I don’t know where I am going to college” in the same conversation.

We feel a lot like that right now. Because well, we are adding to the Hency family!

But see, I am not pregnant…

We are adopting!

Mat and I have long known that adoption would be a part of our story. We were a young 21 and 22 years of age the night we had our first conversation about adoption. I had just returned from a trip to Thailand with Fellowship Bible Church. There God had shown me what “orphan” really meant.

Real lives. Real little people. Really fatherless. Truly without a mother. Unaware of real love. Rarely cared for. Too easily forgotten. Unclaimed. Incapable of changing their situation on their own.

Not long after I returned from Thailand, a few months before Mat proposed, we talked about orphan care might look like for us. We had that conversation multiple times in the next few months and shortly after we were engaged Mat and I felt God pulling our hearts toward adoption.

Then something else started to happen. Yes, our ache for the plight of the orphan grew but we also grew in the understanding of our own adoption. God’s grace in the past seven years was to show us the firm reality of our spiritual status.

Romans 8:14-17, Galatians 4:1-7 and Ephesians 1:3-10 seemed bold in our Bibles.

We have been adopted. God has chosen us. Jesus bought for us a way into the family. The Spirit testifies to our status as children of God.

The reality that continues to move us is that we, Kelsey and Mat, were orphans but now we are sons.

The compounding of our spiritual adoption, our ache for orphans, our understanding that babies who need families often come from biological moms and dads who need to know they too can be spiritually adopted and our desire to add a number four to our family of three have made now the time.

For so many reasons (that I will detail in another post soon enough) we have chosen to use Christian Homes and Family Services as our adoption agency.

We have been telling close friends and family about our plans for a few months now and we are working on pulling together the tapestry that will eventually lead us to the newest Hency.

James 1:27 says, “ Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.” Through the process of explaining that we feel like God has made adopting our personal outworking of this verse, others have told us that their personal realization of James 1:27 is to come alongside those who are adopting in prayer and support.

If you are one of those people and you want to know what it looks like to pray and support us here are a few options:


  1. Spread the word…
    • …about adoption. We believe God is in the business of reconciliation; one of the many, many ways he goes about this business is through worldly adoption. Learn about – and become an advocate for – gospel centered adoption. We think Russell Moore does an excellent job describing ways this can play out in Adopted For Life.
    • …about our agency. Again, we’re adopting through Christian Homes and Family Services. Check them out online or let us tell you about why we chose CHFS.
    • …about us.  If you know of anyone who’s decided to place a child up for adoption, we’d love it if you would consider telling them about us.
  2. Pray. So many have prayed, are praying and will pray for this baby, for this process and for our family. We would love it if you did the same.  I will be blogging about our experience in adoption and including specific things to pray for as the process evolves.
  3. Give. If you feel compelled to help cover the cost of our adoption…or are looking for a tax write-off before the close of the year…we’ve set up a Pure Chairty donation page.  We have been humbled by those of you who have asked about this, and will be forever grateful for each penny given

So yes, we are going to add a Hency! No, we don’t exactly when. But we wait for the adoption equivalent of our college acceptance letter with certainty that God has a plan for the details and excited to see them come together.

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