July on the Run


The best word I can come up with to capture how I feel about the last four weeks is grateful.

We are the luckiest son-of-a-gun’s out there to have had a month between leaving London and arriving in Dallas.

Waiting for a boat in Capri

The original plan was to use that crazy awesome break to travel around Europe.

Glamourous right? I mean, four weeks galavanting around a continent stopping for sunsets, beaches and perfectly chilled champagne.

Sunset at Mullens Beach in Barbados

If the number in our party were 2 then I would have packed a single carry on full of white dresses, a linen scarf and hit the road.

Then Faye turned one and we realize how naive we are.

Our little chic travels very well. Most moments aren’t like the one pictured above….but then I took that picture on our way to Italy so some are just like that.

Regardless of how well she does, a day full of traveling with a one year old is hard.

The kind of hard that leaves you wearing a t-shirt and forcing yourself to have a glass of wine on the balcony of your hotel room (because it’s Europe for crying out loud) before you go to be three hours earlier than normal. All the while, glamourous people in white dresses sip champagne on a patio overlooking a fountain thats older than the country of my citizenship.

Tiny Little Shop in Praiano Italy
Tiny Little Shop in Praiano Italy

This sounded less amazing. So our party of 3 ditched galavanting (and the multiple travel days involved with it) to spend one week in Italy and three in Barbados.

You work with what you have got and what we have is a 15 month old.

Faye at 15mo-01
Sitting Pretty

Also, one week in Italy and three in Barbados is ridiculous.

I am sitting here on our last day in Barbados on the back patio of One Battaleys Mews, our residence for 21 days, and thinking “How did this even happen?”

blow up
Blowup toys make great bouncers

This isn’t what we do. We don’t drop everything for a month. We typically travel in increments of 36 hours.

God gave us something special here. We were given time to rest, time to relax, time for silliness and time to process life and think about what we want our reestablished one to be like in Dallas.

He even made sure that I disconnected from my instagram addiction starting our second day here by sending a wave that seemed to be especially meant as an embrace for my beloved iPhone.

The last few moments of Barbados with a dry phone.
The last few moments of Barbados with a dry phone.

We have had space in our life and it’s been good. So so good.

I am going to share with you bits of our month over the next couple weeks but I want you to know where it comes from.

Honestly I feel so snotty  saying we took a month to vacation. But trust me, I am as shocked as you are. The circumstances just fell into place perfectly and we are over the top thankful.

The road to Positano
The road to Positano

Many people are asking about time and I want to show you what we have been up to with awe, gratitude and an air of ‘Yeah, I know, it’s crazy and I don’t know how it all came to be”

For now, here are a few of our favorite Italian moments.

She bets you can’t find her.


Waving at the boats was a favorite activity
Waving at the boats was a favorite activity
We took a ride in one of the Barbie Convertible inspired taxis in Capri


view from top
Hidden Beach in Capri
Eating. My favorite Italian pastime.
beach look
The Runner takes a Break. The defensive player prepares for the next round.

I am back into this blogging business so look out for more things from me soon….like tomorrow.

She was dancing Miami Vice style.



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