Tales from a Tiny Kitchen: Orange Rosemary Ice Box Cookies

Photo From The Faux Martha.
Photo From The Faux Martha.

I got a hand mixer. It had to be done.

The Easy Bake Kitchen has proved to be under utilized because I didn’t have that tool. I also got an immersion blender but I’ll tell you about the amazing world of blending another time.

This post is brought to you by the mixer I purchased for 12 pounds at a local hardware store – about $20. The one that says it has 5 speeds but in all reality functions primarily as “on” and “off”.

The day I bought it I made this Red Wine Chocolate Cake because it’s amazing – plus we had people coming over (one of those people being the ever amazing Teri from The Lovely Drawer) and its an easy to make crowd pleaser cake – sometimes people even rave about it. Teri liked it so that alone should be enough to get you to make it.

Nothing went awry in our 15 square feet for cooking except for the fact that the  mixer heats up to minor burns level in about three minutes. I bought it for 12 pounds so I am not complaining, just getting out the oven mit to cream butter and sugar.

The next time I used the mixer I made these Orange and Rosemary Icebox Cookies from The Faux Martha. The ones you think don’t sound like the perfect sweet thing to go with your coffee or tea. The ones you probably would pass over in search for the perfect recipe for that Christmas cookie exchange. The ones you are totally missing out on because you likely have gotten it all wrong. all. wrong.

Here’s what I suggest. Make these cookies soon. Maybe even tomorrow. Or now, you could do it now. Try them out with the people that are around you lots. Then make more because they will all be gone and you are going to be upset about that.

Then go make other things from The Faux Martha because she won’t lead you astray. Try This, This,  This, and This. I’ve made all of those and they all rocked.

P.S. This is the perfect recipe for your cookie exchange. Everybody else is going to bring a chocolate, brownie, iced sugar cookie concoction and you are going to be the stand out. Promise.


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