What’s That You Say?

37 weeks came around yesterday. You might expect me to say something about how quickly the time has flown by. Maybe you remember when we announced the Hencys were growing our little family and feel like the time has flown by. I feel like 37 weeks sounds about right. It hasn’t necessarily dragged on but […]

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Spring Time?

Today is the first day of Spring! Or so they tell me. We are kicking off Spring in London with an incredibly overcast day that still requires a jacket, scarf and hat. Basically the only thing that feels like a real Spring here is the rain. It’s been raining a lot. Still chilly. Just chilly […]


The Big Picture

When I decided to go to seminary I was excited and a little worried. Academia has always been a place of torn feelings and mixed behaviors for me. I don’t like study for studies sake. If I feel like an exercise of some sort is pointless I put very little effort towards it – like […]