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Valentines Pretties

8 days. That’s how long this cold has taken over my mind. Sickness seems to stop my brain from working all together. Just thinking about thinking about what to put on the blog has been enough to make me head for the nearest pillow in search of  a nap.

Today the cloud seems to have lifted enough that I have at least 25% of my brain function back. I’d love to post about some of my thoughts from our prenatal (antenatal if your in London….and we are) classes. I will spare you this post today because 25% is not enough brain power to do much besides embarrass myself. You’ll have to wait until next week.

What I will give you are a few Valentines Day pretties from the interwebs – pretty requires something like 5% of brain power so this shouldn’t be too bad. Pass it one to your fellas if you please.

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Relaxtion – Not a word you are used to saying? Or reading for that matter? Thats because my husband made it up. Sometimes he accidentally combines two ideas into one word and that word becomes part of our vocabulary. I’m sure more of them will be posted on the blog. This one is a combination of relax and vacation. I like it. Your wife/fiance/girlfriend may be looking for a little relaxation. These gifts could easily be a package deal making for multiple great evenings or afternoons at your homemade spa.

One – Flowers are great, Roses are quintessential Valentines Day. This candle is like flowers that last longer. It’s just as pretty when you set it out and the scent is just so lovely and light. When you look at the price tag of this candle remember that you would pay that much for a bouquet that is going to die much faster than this candle is going to burn. Perspective. Two –  Silky skin is lovely. This will get you there and it smells nice and it warms up. There is something about super smooth skin that makes you feel prettier. If you want to step up this gift, find your closest Aveda spa and book her a body scrub – she’ll love it and you. Three – That terry cloth robe she got for being a bridesmaid in that one wedding is great for everyday but sometimes you want a robe to make you feel luxurious and not practical. This one is by Vera Wang for Khols. It’s inexpensive. It’s Beautiful. It’s Vera Wang.

Pretty Like Her – She is the prettiest thing you have around and she probably likes to have pretty things around too. You are handsome. Not pretty. Make her feel as pretty as she is to you.

Four – This Naked 2 eye palate is all the makeup rage right now. It’ll work for all the girls. She will probably be impressed you even knew what it was. Five – A cuff bracelet is the perfect bobble. It can be worn on its own or with lots of other wrist party essentials. This one is sparkly but black, I love that about it. It is also spendier but maybe that’s what you are after. Six – Nail polish is important. We ladies talk with our hands so people see them a lot and you hold our hands as we walk down the street. Make your finger lock a little lovelier. Butter is a can’t go wrong kind of brand. Plus, this one is called “Trout Pout” and is perfectly pink. Seven – Another hand gift. Same idea. This one is stackable rings. A concept I am totally digging right now.

Just the Classics – You may think they are overdone but they are classics for a reason. Me? I am sucker for the classics when you do them well. Don’t do them without thought or they are just overdone mind you. Think about what might make your version of the classic a little more intimate but don’t discount them because other people do these things.

Eight – Champagne. It’s the drink of love. Maybe your girl likes a sweet one or maybe you drank a certain one when you got engaged or maybe she is going to be hanging out with the girls in a couple of days and it would be fun for her to bring those cute Sofia champagnes in a can. Regardless, it’s champagne. Nine – This is a card. A card means you write sweet words. Do this one no matter what. It’s required. It’s like the entry way to a great Valentines Day. Make her laugh, cry or swoon but say something that makers her face change. Whatever you do don’t just sign the one you bought. Ten – Chocolate covered strawberries (or raspberries for that matter) are great with that Champagne. If you don’t think you can whip up a batch of perfectly coated berries don’t fret Godiva’s got the whole process nailed. Eleven – Dinner. Make it. With your hands. In your kitchen. Don’t get overwhelmed or in over your head but push your culinary talents a little bit further than you usually do. She’ll appreciate it.

Here’s to a happy Valentines Day Ladies and Gents.


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