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Everyone has an opinion about Valentines Day. Few people are neutral on the whole event and everyone seems to wear their resentment or indulgence on their pink or black sleeve.

So I’ll get it out there now. My name is Kelsey Hency and I love Valentines Day. I do. Since the days of decorating a shoebox so that it was appropriately dressed for the occasion of receiving paper valentines and candy I have loved it. That said I don’t love super sappy things. I don’t even love the basics of this holiday – things shaped like hearts don’t make mine pitter pater. What I love about Valentines day is feeling wanted, desired, cared for, appreciated, chosen – loved. Really, I love feeling this way from anyone but obviously I love it most from the hubs.

You don’t like Valentines Day? Let me guess. Commercialization – the world has really overdone it with this one (never mind that you waited four hours in line to get that fancy iPad mini – right?). It’s silly. Everything is overpriced. We aren’t really celebrating anything of cultural or historical importance.  You don’t need a day to tell someone you love them because you love them everyday.  All fairly valid points. Valentines day has certainly been turned into a cog in the money making machine that can be capitalism and if you leave your love profession to one day a year you have bigger problems on your hand than the holiday itself. But maybe there’s more to it.

Here’s the deal folks. Real life is hard sometimes. Sometimes its hard lots of the time. And you love your spouse everyday but I bet everyday it’s easy for real life to make it hard on you to make them feel wanted, desired, cared for, appreciated, chosen – loved. Our marriages are commitments that are so much greater than a feeling. They are a choice. A decision to choose that one person everyday from here on out no matter what. We should be committed to this kind of love but we should foster the growth of the feelings. And to foster that intimate loving feeling the world has handed you one great big overly commercialized opportunity. Because you might forget today or September 23rd and on May 7th or maybe November 18th to do something that makes your spouse feel important to you. But on February 14th you have a huge heart shaped, red and pink and white reminder that people – your person – would like to know that you choose them and wouldn’t have it any other way.

As it turns out God does a really good job of sneaking in reminders that I am wanted, desired, cared for, appreciate and chosen by Him. Sometimes they seem to be tiny shiny objects that divert my attention for a second to the fact that he has chosen me as his forever. Other times he drops something in lap that proves he knows me intimately and is a giving and loving Father. Then there are the times he stops what I believe to be my world from moving so that he can show me it’s important that I am apart of His world. God loves us well everyday. If only we could love our spouses well everyday. I am grateful that the world has given me a reminder to do just that. On Thursday I will be looking for ways to make sure Mat knows I adore so many things about him, that I have chosen him for now and for always and that I am so glad he has chosen me too. Will it be commercialized? Yes. Will it be a little over done? Yes. Do I love him this way every other day? Yes. Do I care? No. I will take my opportunity to love him and be grateful for the big red reminder that letting him know matters.

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  1. Love this post! I totally agree. Just because I love the holiday doesn’t mean it’s the only day I tell my spouse I love him. You can enjoy it and not get caught up in all the ‘stuff’ – kind of like Christmas :)

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