London Calling


Picture from line posters – you can actually purchase this on their etsy shop

Royalty, a large clock, classic accents, cool taxis and the Hency’s – all things you will be able to find in London beginning the Saturday after Thanksgiving. If having a baby wasn’t enough of a life change God threw in an extra switch-it-change-it, the Hency’s are moving to London. The move is not permanent, we are going to be spending the next year to a year and a half in London for Mat’s work and then we will be back in Dallas.  It seems as though God is giving us a chance to answer the question “How much do you trust me” in a new a big way. We want to be able to answer him “completely” and this is part of that journey.  From the beginning God seems to be drawing us this direction. I have a had a feeling that we were going to be moving to London from the instant I heard that someone from Mat’s company was needed to help across the pond. I just had a feeling, a gut instinct, one of those things God gives you to prepare you for a big change. We started the process of possibly being chosen to go to London and then I went for a run (which I hadn’t done in at least a year because I hate running) and I randomly choose a sermon on “Gospel-centered multiplication.” The sermon happened to be all about God sending people out from the things and places  that are comfortable for the purpose of his glory and the spread of his kingdom. Leaving the place you are comfortable is healthy, it’s part of God’s plan, comfort makes you complacent and we don’t want that. I almost cried, we were going to go move to London I just knew it. And then a few months later it was official. They wanted Mat in London, they wanted us to move. God’s glory and God’s kingdom, God’s glory and God’s kingdom. When things got real I was grateful that he had already used the words of Beau Hughes to explain and remind me what actually matters. Two days after we got the London news we found out we were pregnant. God’s glory and God’s kingdom, God’s glory and God’s kingdom. London and a baby! God certainly had a plan that surprised me.

We are so excited for this new adventure! Mat is really really excited. I am anxious-nervous-excited. The excited that you choose because worry would overwhelm you otherwise and you know better than to question God’s work by over worrying. It’s going to awesome. It’s going to be different. It is one of those things you know from the outset  you will talk about the rest of your life. Our prayer is that we have a ton of fun, meet great friends, find a church to pour into and learn from, to see lots of Europe, to quickly incorporate a baby into our new European life, and to never loose site that the big picture is God’s glory and God’s Kingdom. Part of me being “serious” about this blog is going to be posting about our London adventure so you can follow along right here.



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