A Tiny Life Changing Addition

About four months ago I decided to get serious about writing on this blog. Serious being defined as consistent postings on life, God, culture, etc. I was “serious” about it for about two weeks. I am not one for excuses but I have an explanation. See, two weeks into serious I found out Mat and I are going to have a baby! A baby. A tiny human. A little Hency. Good-ness we are excited! God has blessed us with this crazy and beautiful and all together astounding thing that as soon as I found out I knew was going to change our lives. What I didn’t know was how soon it was going to change them. I expected sometime around April to start to feel the life change. But something like two or three days after I found out there was a little one on the way I started to experience the change. Have you ever been pregnant? If so you know what I am talking about. Naps became the new normal because I was suddenly exhausted. Sitting and staring at the wall became my pastime because I felt so sickly. I set up shop in the kitchen because it was the most efficient way for me to best satiate the hunger that never really went away altogether, I mean why leave when I am just going to be back three times in the next hour? Life changed quickly and left me not-so-serious about the blog. I felt like I may never get back to the blog because I wasn’t sure I was ever going to be back to myself. My heart wanted to wallow in my frustration of not feeling like “me” but my head reminded me time and again that this is momentary and will indeed pass and it has started to pass indeed. The receding waters of sickness have left me grateful for a handful of things – strength, health, Zofran and Pepcid AC to name a few. Another thing I am thankful or is discretionary time. Time to get back to writing on this blog. So here I am, less sick and more rested ready to get serious…again.

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