Weekly Reading

Hey Folks! Most of the blogs you read probably do some sort of a weekly round up. I am doing the same. There are some top notch writers out there putting out interesting articles that make us smarter. I am going to gather a few for you here on Fridays. I might not agree with all of these and I may tell you that and I may not. I want you to read, get to thinking about things. It’s good for you. I’m not going to overwhelm you…let’s start with three. Oh and they go back two weeks since I didn’t make last Friday.

Why Virginity is Not The Gospel – Carolyn Custis James wrote this article for the Huffington Post about the Olympian Lolo Jones, Christianity, Sexuality and the Gospel. It’s worth your time.

Hello, My Sin is… – Lots of chatter at the bottom of this article about loving people regardless of their sin

ADOPTION as SONS – Honest and a reminder we all need plus this chick writes like woah.

Hope you love your weekend!

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